Nomatter What You Can Always Shine

There are no 2 people the same. however when you think about it, you have more in common with people than you'd like to think. everybody can feel happiness, sadness, fear and anger, the luckiest of us can see, hear, feel and think. but when you look at the small things, we are pretty similar. like how many of us enjoy chilling out on the sofa watching tv, or playing video games, eating certain things and being with friends. when we're in love nothing else matters, you get butterflies and smile like mad, when you're sad you want someone who talk to but not always criticise. how when we're in alot of pain it feels like the world has come crashing down. i guess what im trying to say is i may look different, i may be a lesbian, have tattoos, piercings and a different style but im just like you, i breath, i feel, i love, i hate and i dont mind a chat every now and again :P

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